Inside Beauty Outside: Designing for the Outdoors

When it’s a lovely day outside, and you don’t want to be stuck indoors anymore, wouldn’t it be great to have a place outside with all the beauty and comfort from inside? From fun with the kids to entertaining family and friends, look into some practical outdoor living designs, so you can have just that. Continue reading “Inside Beauty Outside: Designing for the Outdoors”

House Cleaning for Your Health

house cleaning columbus ohio - clean for kid's healthHouse cleaning may seem like a trivial task or an annoying chore, but it’s actually more important than you might realize! A cluttered, dirty house tends to invite pests and germs more readily than a clean house—not so trivial after all. Keep your house clean for you and your children! Continue reading “House Cleaning for Your Health”

When It’s Time to Design: The Right Contractor

construction lingo contractor columbus ohio - tape measure Take a look at your work site for just a moment. Are you an entrepreneur? Business owner? Have you noticed lately that the building you’re in is no longer meeting your needs? Don’t get lost in the construction lingo, find the right contractor for updating your space.

Continue reading “When It’s Time to Design: The Right Contractor”